The Story

Owned by a Mother and Daughter Team

In 2019, Gabriella Crick Lewis used My Study Life to keep on track of her school work. Balancing three advanced courses, an Oxford University application, and a full-time social life, she needed something to keep her organized. Gabriella recommended MSL to all of her friends and they loved it. She recognized that the digital student planner was so helpful that it could be the foundation for something that could empower all students to be the best that they can be.

Gabriella created a business plan, showcasing her vision for how MSL could become the number one, global, go-to app for all students. She presented this plan to her mother, Emma Whittington, and asked whether she’d like to explore the possibility of buying MSL with her. The rest is history. Fast-forward to now and the mother-daughter team are working hard to create a platform for student success.

Emma Whittington
Co-Owner and Managing Director

The Team

Anjum Ali

Business Strategist

I hail from Kerala, India and am currently an MIS student with a background in Engineering Management. I am also a part-time professional day-dreamer. Anytime and anywhere, I can snap right into it. 

Ekessit Emmanuel
Marketing Consultant

I was born in Eastern Uganda, in a district called Jinja. I have BA in Education, but am also currently undertaking a BA in Marriage and Family Relations at BYU Idaho. I love rap music and am also a part time standup comic.

Jared Miller

Visual Content Creator

I am from London. I studied graphic design and digital art with a background in video game design and coding. Outside of work, I love skateboarding which I've done for 10+ years.

John Miranda
Systems Manager

I was born in Albay, Philippines. I have both a Bachelors and Masters of Science in IT. I am a former lead guitarist in a band, and while not at work, I record songs with my wife.

Maddie Etherington
Product Developer

I was born in Vancouver, Canada, but mostly grew up in Asia. I studied Political Science for my B.A. I love cooking and at one point had a food blog!

Maryam Battiwala
Marketing Executive

I was born in Mumbai, India, and have a B.A. in Psychology from University of Mumbai. I absolutely love horses. F1: Drive to Survive is my go-to series.


We’re a rapidly growing company based in Richmond, London with staff all over the world including the UK, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and India.


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