Here at My Study Life we're proud of our cross-platform support. Each platform we support has a native app that looks a little different so it feels at home on your device. So today we're thrilled to introduce our Material Design update for Android, just in time for back to school.


We've made changes to every screen in the app, from small tweaks on some screens to a complete redesign on others, aligning the app with Google's Material Design guidelines - the app even has an updated icon! We've also listened to your feedback and made small additions to the app such as showing the task’s progress in the list and making it more obvious when a task has been completed.

Not Just a Redesign

The update is more than just a redesign. We've also made changes to make the app even easier to use

  • All screens (except the calendar month) now rotate when your phone is landscape.
  • Task and exam lists are now intelligently grouped by date, ranging from "Due Tomorrow" to "August 2015", making it faster to skim through a large list and find the task or exam you were looking for.
  • When creating a subject, the app will automatically default to a color you haven’t used (if there is one).
  • Greatly improved date prediction when adding academic years, terms and holidays.
  • Class with lots of days that don’t fit on a single line are automatically abbreviated.
  • The app will warn you if you have unsaved changes and you hit the back button instead of save.
  • On Android Lollipop and above, the notifications are colored as they would be in the app.
  • The incomplete and overdue tasks notification lists the tasks in the notification.


You can grab the update from the Google Play Store today. Let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter or in our feedback forum.