With My Study Life, our mission has always been to make organizing your study life easier. Today we’re thrilled to announce we’re making it easier than ever with loads of improvements in time for the new school year.

As ever, we've been paying close attention to your feedback on how we could improve your experience when using My Study Life. One thing stood out from the rest – the ease of adding your timetables. In this update we’re adding not one but two new major additions (and many minor ones too) to make adding your timetable that much easier.

Multiple Class Times

If you have classes that occur at many different times in the same week or even on the same day you can now create a single class with multiple times. This makes adding your timetable to My Study Life significantly faster and easier. This also works if your timetable has rotates every week or day meaning you can have a single class that occurs at different times in both weeks A and B, for example.

Teacher Sharing

In many schools, at the start of every school year you’re given a new paper planner and your timetable for the year printed on a piece of paper. So we thought, why can’t we do something similar for My Study Life (but without the glue and paper)? Today we’re launching a closed beta of My Study Life for teachers at schools. As students you’ll be able to join your school (once invited by your teachers), then find and join your classes instead of adding them yourselves. As teachers you’ll be able to add your classes and see which students have joined them. This remains 100% free with no distracting adverts.

More Improvements

In addition to this, on every platform we've added new features and improved the performance and experience in everyday use.

  • Tasks now track when they were completed and hide the progress slider.
  • Classes can now be assigned to academic years or terms – instead of creating a subject per year.
  • The web and Windows 8 apps have an improved calendar month view.
  • Subjects and academic years can be added when adding a class, task or exam – no more navigating back to the manage subjects/academic years list. 
  • You can now sign in using Office 365, so if your school uses Office 365, you can sign into My Study Life with the same account.
  • Reminders on the Windows 8, Windows Phone and Android apps are now set offline meaning they’re much more reliable.

If you’re a frequent user of the web app you’ll notice that not only is the new version significantly faster and more responsive but we've also refined the user interface in most parts of the app too. On top of this we’ve updated the search feature to match misspelt words (eg. searching “Cmptin” will find all classes with the subject “Computing” or visa-versa) and better ordering of results – really helpful when you’re trying to find that assignment from a few months back.

The Android app has had some tweaks too with new subject and academic year/term pickers - all in response to your feedback.

The iPhone App

We’re putting the final touches to the iPhone app and it should be released in August, exactly when will depend on how long Apple take to certify it. It includes all of the updates mentioned above as well as a beautiful user interface designed for iOS7.

The updated web app is available now, the apps for Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 will be rolling out later this week.

To learn more about these updates, head over to our knowledge base. And as always, we’d love to hear your feedback. With the release of this update, we’re also finally able to share My Study Life’s new video – enjoy!