My Study Life’s dashboard lets you quickly get overview of what’s next. Whether you need to know where your next class is, the assignments you need to complete soon or if there any upcoming exams, it’s all on the dashboard. With our latest update, we’ve redesigned the dashboard to be more useful than ever.

We wanted the new dashboard to offer a familiar experience across all devices whilst providing more information and keeping that information quick and easy to digest. To do this, we’ve split the dashboard into 3 areas, each with their own dial (or two). We chose dials as they communicate a lot of information at once – perfect for the dashboard on small devices, such as a phone. The areas will appear as columns on the web app, or tabs on mobile.


As you’d expect, the today tab will let you know which classes and exams for the current day. If you’re lucky enough to be on holiday, it will let you know about that too.

To help keep track of where you are in the day, we’ve added a timeline. This indicates the time until your next class or how long is left in the current one. Classes and exams will also change their appearance depending on whether they’re past, current or in the future.

Redesigning the class and exam list has also enabled us to show more information, including whether you have any tasks due for a class or exam (and if they’re incomplete or not).

Along with your classes and exams for the current day we’ve also added information about your next school day. If you don’t have any classes, exams or tasks due tomorrow My Study Life will show the next day you have something on. This means if you don’t have classes or tasks to complete on a weekend, you’ll see information about Monday, or, if you’re on holiday you’ll be shown the next day after your holiday.


The dashboard’s tasks tab is a focused list of tasks that require immediate action – such as those incomplete and due in the next 3 days, or ones which are (hopefully not) overdue.


It’s always useful to get advanced warning about upcoming exams, so we’ve added a list of exams that occur in the next 7 days to the dashboard. The exam list will also indicate how many revision tasks they have due, to help keep you on top of any revision in the run-up to the exam.

In addition to the new dashboard, we’ve also made tweaks and improvements to other areas of the apps:

  • Tasks can now be added right from the dashboard.
  • We’ve overhauled the color options with new, brighter colors.
  • Tasks now indicate how long until they are due or overdue by.
  • Exams now show the time remaining until they occur.
  • The web app has had some UI improvements.
  • We’ve increased the number of possible rotation days to 20.
  • The grouping of tasks and exams has been improved on the web app to match the mobile apps.


The updated web app is available now at with the Android and iOS apps rolling out over the next few days. Let us know what you think on FacebookTwitter or in our feedback forum.