In the past few months, a small amount of you may have noticed that some of your classes, tasks and exams were not appearing across all of your devices. Synchronisation is a key part of My Study Life (and one of the best features in our opinion!) so over the past few weeks we've been hard at work improving the way we handle syncing your data.

Today we're happy to announce that over the next few days, updates will be available for our Windows 8, Windows Phone and Android apps that include big improvements to syncing (as well as a few bug fixes) - now syncing your data will be faster and more reliable than ever.

In response to your feedback we've also made a few changes to our Android and Windows Phone apps, here's what the updates have to offer:

A couple of tweaks to make using the app a little smoother, including:
  • A new progress bar to indicate syncing.
  • A sticky header for the calendar's week view.

Although we do not officially support Android tablets, we have also made a small change to the dashboard's appearance for larger devices. This means if you use My Study Life on a tablet such as the Nexus 7, the coloured tiles will now display side by side instead of taking up most of the screen.

Windows Phone

The latest Windows Phone update also contains improvements to the reliability of the live tile. Due to the restrictions when updating the live tile periodically, we had opted to use a network connection to update the tile. Although for the most part the live tile did update successfully, requiring a network connection meant that if you did not have a reliable network connection, the tile would not update. In the latest update, the live tile no longer needs an internet connection to update. There are still a number of factors which may prevent the live tile updating which can be found on our feedback and support site but it should now hopefully update a little more reliably.

The version numbers to watch out for are 2.0.9 for Android, 2.1.4 for Windows 8.1 and 4.1.4 for Windows Phone. If you have any suggestions, feedback or find any bugs in the updates, please let us know by adding an idea or creating a ticket on our feedback forum.

Those of you who follow us on FacebookTwitter or Google + may have noticed we've been teasing bits from our new advert recently (such as Buster, the homework and planner eating dog). The ad will be out within the next couple of months at the same time as a big update (with what we think is one of the most exciting features yet!).