It's been a few weeks since the launch of the updates for the Web, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone which added support for more advanced timetabling and academic years/terms. Today we're happy to announce in the coming week we'll be releasing updates for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.

With the recent updates to Windows 8 and Windows Phone we decided to keep backwards compatibility despite newer (and in Windows Phone's case immensely more popular) versions of the operating systems already being available. Here's what the next updates have to offer:

Windows 8.1

  • New large live tile support
  • Works with all snap sizes
  • Takes advantage of performance improvements in Windows 8.1 apps
Windows Phone 8
  • Support for all 3 screen sizes (WVGA, WXGA, 720p) - meaning if you had a black bar at the top of the screen when you were using My Study Life this should now be gone
  • Sharper icons and logos
  • Fast resume
  • Performance improvements
  • New animations

Moving Forward

With both these releases, due to the significant extra development time required, we will no longer be developing new features for either our Windows 8 or Windows Phone 7 apps. We will however continue to release bug fixes for both.

Windows Phone 8 has been released for over a year now and has gained significant market share - huge in comparison to Windows Phone 7 so it no longer makes sense for us to develop for Windows Phone 7 users which degrades the experience for Windows Phone 8. 

Windows 8.1 is a free update which has been released for nearly a month now so all you need to do to ensure you get the latest version of My Study Life is to update you PC to Windows 8.1.


We're still hard at work on the iOS app which was delayed by the longer than expected Carousel updates. Learning from recent updates, we will only share a release date when we're 100% sure we're going to make it - so stay tuned for updates from our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages.

If you have any suggestions or feedback in response to the Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8.1 updates, please let us know by adding an idea or creating a ticket on our feedback forum.

Over the past few weeks we've had many questions about when the updates will be released. In truth we gave out dates that were not met for a number of reasons and that's not okay - something we are going to work really hard on in the future. Hopefully you'll appreciate from the updates below the sheer size of the update and why the dates were not met.

This update, codenamed Carousel includes the following additions across all 4 platforms:

  • Addition of Academic Years/Terms - a way to keep subjects and therefore classes, tasks and exams being visible between a start and end date you set. This is in response to the semesters idea on the feedback forum but designed to work for a larger range of countries - not just the USA.
  • Expansion of two week timetable support to support 2-4 weeks of rotation, renamed to Week Rotation.
  • Addition of Day Rotation, which allows classes to be added which rotate every 2-10 days. For example if your timetable has lettered days such as ABCDEFABC... your timetable will now be supported. You can now also choose whether you prefer to view week and day rotation as numbers or letters.
  • Classes can now be created which only occur once.
  • Classes can also be limited to repeating between start and end dates.
  • For those of you with classes which occur at the same time on several days (normal weekdays or day rotation), you can now select multiple days when adding and editing the class.
  • 50% more subject colors (a total of 15 compared to the previous 10) in response to this idea.
Web App (V2.1)
  • A brighter, fresher look in response to feedback about the "businessy colors".
  • Redesigned classes and subject management.
  • A large number of UI tweaks.
Windows 8 (V2.0) + Windows Phone (V4.0)
  • Rewritten from the ground up.
  • Completely redesigned to match the look and feel of the Web and Android apps.
  • More reliable sync.
Windows Phone (V4.0)
  • Support for new tile sizes with a brand new design.
Android (V2.0)
  • Rewritten using "native" technologies (currently HTML5).
  • A large number of UI tweaks which help the app feel more at home on Android.

For those Android users who haven't read our previous blog post, it's very important you do before you install the update.

The updates are all largely complete however they all have to be released at the same time. We're currently waiting on Microsoft to certify the Windows Phone app after which the updates for all platforms will be released. We hope this will be in the next few days.

For those of you waiting for the iPhone app, unfortunately we don't yet have any indication or release date to share - we will post an update when we are 100% sure of the date.

As ever My Study Life is driven by your feedback, please continue to contribute to the feedback forum and report any bugs so we can get them fixed quickly - we hope you enjoy the updates.

My Study Life is driven by user feedback and as such we take your feedback seriously. You spoke so we listened and as a result we're days away from launching version 2.0 which delivers more features and speed as a result of a complete rewrite using "native" code.

This means smoother scrolling, animations and a generally more responsive app. The updated app also includes the introduction of academic years and terms and better class scheduling support including for day rotation timetables, one off classes and classes with start/end dates.

Because the app is now native instead of HTML5 we are unable to upgrade any unsynced data on the device so it is very important that you ensure your data is synced to the web app before updating the application.