What classes do I have today? Is it week A or B? When is that essay due? What should I be revising for that exam? Don't worry, My Study Life can do all of this and more so you'll never need to ask these questions again.

Not just another calendar

We understand that most school timetables work nothing like a traditional calendar so we didn't write My Study Life to be one. After all, classes and exams aren't calendar entries, they're classes and exams! My Study Life will even let you know which classes conflict with your exam.

Rotation schedules

As if school wasn't already difficult enough without needing to guess which classes you have every day. My Study Life supports both week and day rotation schedules as well as timetables which repeat every week.

Because My Study Life was written from the ground up for schools, you don't have to tell every class to repeat every x weeks or days. Simply tell My Study Life how your schedule works and assign the class to the rotation week or days.

Years, terms & holidays

Classes don't last forever, in fact some classes don't even last a year. With My Study Life, not only can you assign a class to an academic year, but also to it's terms and specify custom start/end dates if needed.

With holidays in My Study Life, not only can you see which days you have off but you can also shift rotation schedules. And of course, you won't get reminded about your classes on holidays either.

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Not just another to-do list

To-do lists are great for simple tasks but just don't cut it for homework.

We know assignments can be big, small and everything in between. We also know that most homework isn't completed in a single night. That's why, with My Study Life, you can specify how much of a task has been completed, not just a binary option.

Tasks, at a glance

With traditional homework diaries, you have to flick through the pages trying to work out on which day that piece of homework that your friend has just reminded you is due tomorrow was set. Not with My Study Life.

The dashboard view gives you an overview of your entire day - not just classes and exams. Incomplete tasks due soon are also shown so you know exactly what you need to do, at a glance.

Revision tasks

Not all tasks are created equal. Why should you have to use a separate tool to track revision for those all important exams?

With My Study Life, you can create a task and assign it to an exam so you know which areas you have left to revise.


Even the best of us lose track of time now and then. That's why you can tell My Study Life to remind you that a class or exam is about to start.

My Study Life can also remind you about incomplete tasks so you'll never forget an assignment or miss a lecture again.

Whenever, wherever

Ever lost or left your homework diary at school or round a friend's house? Or even your phone? Not a problem. My Study Life stores your data in the cloud, so even if you lose a device your data will still be there when you sign in again - from any device*.

My Study Life works offline too, so even if your school or university is in a coverage blackspot, you can still check your timetable and add tasks (or anything for that matter) and it will sync when you're back online.

*Data must be synced before losing the device.

Everything in one place

My Study Life isn't just a calendar and a todo list. It's a seamless integration of all aspects of your study life designed for you to help you get organised and excel.

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